Sunday, July 6, 2008

El Chorro Gorge

This is the Caminto del Rey, a pathway along part of the Guadalhorce River.
Believe it or not this gorge is very easily accessible by train from Malaga, being only 50 kilometers inland. Excursion company's even do a day trip to this area!
The El Chorro Gorge is not very far from Alora, as seen in a previous post HERE
The pathway was closed in 2000 owing to the dangerous state its now in, but as you can see is still used by some very brave climbers and walkers. It was built in the1920s for workers installing the hydro electric system on the dam.
This areas claim to fame is that some of the scenes from the film Von Ryans Express were shot in this area along the train lines and tunnels. The train lines are still used daily bringing day trippers to see the spectacular sights of the Guadalhorce Valley.

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Angie said...

Jesus, that is stomach-turning alright. Hope it wasn't one of you who did the filming...............