Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Day in Gibraltar

Not the Costa del Sol I know but if you are on holiday in this part of Spain a visit to Gibraltar is a must. Daily excursions run from just about every resort. You can choose several types of excursion. If its just a shopping trip you want then the cost is only about €10 or so on certain days of the week. In Main Street you will find British Home Stores, Body Shop, Marks & Spencers also shops which have all the well known toiletries etc from the UK. For a full rock tour which will take you up to see the Barbury apes and the caves you will pay approx €32.

If you choose to take the rock tour you will also have great views of the port below and also on a clear day see North Africa.
A cable car will take you even further up the rock!

Be sure to take a cardigan or a light jacket of some sort, because even in August it can be quite cold up there.

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