Thursday, February 18, 2010

Andalucian White Village of Mijas

Situated 428 mts above sea level is the little white village of Mijas, where many of the 7,500 population are of British nationality. They have relocated to this beautiful place either to retire or or start their own business. So many have moved to Mijas that it now consists of three different urbanisation's - the original 'White Village' in the mountains is now spreading out into the surrounding countryside and down towards the coast which is now known as Mijas Costa.

Even so, you would have to go along way to find such a picturesque typical Spanish village!


John McG said...

Did you eat in the Mirlo Blanco in Mijas its run by two Basque sisters who have been there over thirty years.
Really enjoyed your photo tour of Andalucia. We are going for three weeks in August staying near the village of Comares (With the winter we have had here in the UK I cant wait to get some Spanish sunshine.
Well done again on the blogs.
John McGuire

Jackie said...

No, John I dont think we have eaten there. We usually just go for the day out as Mijas is only a 30 - 40 minutes journey on the bus from where we stay in Benalmadena.
Glad you like the blog, but I've not been able to get much done with it this year, the weather hasn't been all that good while we've been here this time. We have 3 weeks left now so hopefully we should be able to get out and get some more photos.
Hope you have a great time in August, I'm sure there'll be no shortage of good hot weather for you then!