Saturday, March 28, 2009

Costa's Price War !

Owing to the poor exchange rate for the Pound v Euro it looks like a price war is starting on the Costa's to try entice people to still come to Spain for their holiday this year.
This is a price list as seen outside one of the usually expensive bars on the award winning marina in Benalmadena. Other bars along the same stretch were also starting to lower their prices. Its along time since we have seen coffee sold for 50cents, even when the Spanish currency changed from peseta to euro the price of a coffee was priced between 80cents-1€. They do seem to have a mix up with their prices for a beer though, I suspect that a half is only a very small glass and not a half pint!
One thing I wouldn't do is to queue for a table just to get a cheap drink, which is just what was happening in these bars!

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