Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ronda - El Tajo Gorge

The historic town of Ronda is about 40 miles inland from Marbella and is one of the oldest towns in Spain. This must be some of the best scenery to be found in Spain. Most sightseers come to see El Tajo gorge with depths of 600ft as seen in the first photo below. From here you have views of the surrounding country side for miles around and also the dwellings perched on the edge of the gorge. Some people have even carved out steps in the rock by which to make they way to a lower ledge in the rock and then created small gardens !

To get the full benefit of this town its a very good idea if you first call in at the tourist information place, where you will be given advice of the best places to visit in the available time you have. They will also give you free maps of both the old and new parts of town.

One part of the gorge is called Vultures Canyon from where you can actually look down and see Griffon Vultures soaring down below you.
The last photo is looking down over the country side, you can judge just how far down it is by looking at how small the swimming pool is !
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